Rebuilding Carburetors – 1999 Nighthawk 750

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  1. John says:

    What is the tiny port clumped with the two jets in he center of the carb? How can I clean it out. Neither you or my clymer manual address this part. I just cleaned a set of carbs on a 1999 NH 750 that were horrifically crusted from sitting in old gas. Had to use a thin wire to even reopen the pilot jet. Float needle were stuck so bad had to pry them out. So you can imagine I’m sure that other pipe is clogged. Not sure how to clean it or what its purpose could be.

    • Anna says:

      Hey John, wow, that sounds like one bad set of carbs.
      Until you just asked, I honestly had no clue what the purpose of the “mysterious third port” by the main jet and the slow jet is. I always figured it goes to the starting enrichment valve (choke) – if you follow the “plumbing”, it seems to lead to there. But I didn’t know for sure so I opened up an old carb with a saw – and yes, that’s where that goes, check out the pics below (yellow arrow).
      I would hit it from both sides (float chamber and starting enrichment valve ports) with carb cleaner, let it sit and then blow it out with compressed air. Rinse and repeat, if necessary.
      Did you see the small port at the bottom? It’s another port into the same plumbing – hit that with carb cleaner as well.

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